In our previous blog, we introduced to you parallax scrolling design technique and gave you some hints on how the industry applies this technology currently:”Many leading brands use it as pivotal element of their online presence and many others jump the bandwagon. In fact too many, in our opinion. Yes, the parallax scrolling technique is great to present the most beautiful face of a brand but it serves not all purposes. Featuring a brand through its graphical artwork, is great for sure but when it comes down to detailed copies and text content that need to speak for the brand, parallax is an overkill.ā€¯Parallax 2 –



WebriQ CMS 3.0 IS OUT OF THE GATEIt is just a few months ago that we announced the Beta release of our next generation software platform. The development team at WebriQ, has been quite busy in the past two years with crafting one of the most robust Web Content Management Systems and finally, the early adopters have a chance to kick tires as of this last Christmas.Our WebFactories division was among the first testers and the more we played with the Beta , the more impressed we got and the more keen we grew to use it in one of the next partner projects.Parallax Scrolling Websites –